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House Organ (Orgue de salon) (1988)
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(thanks to James Pressler)
To get Kontakt or sf2 versions of this sound bank, see : Soni Musicae

Copyright by Eric BRICET and Jean Yves GARET

2006, August 22th

contact : blanchet_1720 at (Replace at with @)

We are pleased to present you the sound bank created after a small house organ, 5 real stops on two manuals (plus a coupled keyboard), built in 1988. We decided to edit it nearly as it is in reality : although we did a very little revoicing and retuning, the original instrument has been kept with many of its imperfections.

The soundbank "Orgue de salon" was created by Eric BRICET et Jean Yves GARET, in August 2005 and 2006. Using this bank with the software "Hauptwerk" , you can play a virtual house organ (two keyboards, with five stops, and a coupled pedal) .

This soundbank has been created for the softwares Hauptwerk and GrandOrgue, and the mapping files (extension : *.organ) are usable only with these programs. However, the samples, in 'wav' format, are usable in any sampling program (for ex : Kontakt, Halion, etc...). If you create special mapping files for these programs (Kontakt, Vsampler, Halion, GigaStudio, etc...), please transmit them to us, because it will be suitable to distribute them freely to the community. But we do not accept any modification of the samples themselves. In particular, we refuse them to be reduced for an integration to a General Midi bank, or a low quality soundbank.

Before downloading this sound bank, read
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DOWNLOAD the soundbank Orgue de salon (equal temperament), in 3 files, 30 Mb each :    

                                                                part 1                part 2                  part 3

NB : this is the version 2 of the sound bank : the blower noise has been considerably lowered, compared with version 1, distributed only on Hauptwerk's forum in August 2006.


.bat files for PipeTune   (to convert equal temperament to other temperaments : Pythagorician, MeanTone, Werckmeister3, Vallotti and Kellner)

Download the "PipeTune" program from the author's site